About Us


We support young African Caribbean people aged 7-19 who are facing varying issues such as:

  • Problems engaging with education

  • Anti-social behaviour/criminal activity

  • Difficult family relationships/home environments

  • Poor emotional wellbeing

Involving families is at the core of what we do because strengthening families, strengthens young people


Faith Kachikondo

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The conception of EMPOWER occurred in my previous role in social services. I was working for a specialist team that worked with high risk young people that were at the brink of being accommodated into Local Authority Care. During my time here, it was a young girl in particular who inspired my desire to start this organisation. She was 14 years old, of African Caribbean descent and came from a difficult home. Due to the time limited nature of our work, this young girl needed further input and I wanted to signpost her to another agency; unfortunately, the service I wanted, simply didn't exist. I was looking for an organisation that did family work, incorporated the system and had a cultural understanding and awareness (if I'm being totally honest, ideally the organisation would have been specifically for the African Caribbean community). I decided to "be the change I was wishing to see" knowing I had ample experience and qualifications and I took the step to start EMPOWER!

Meet The Founder

Intro From The Founder | EMPOWER

Intro From The Founder | EMPOWER